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27/02-2010 00:36:00: (CSOL.OAX) Camposol Holding reports Fourth Quarter 2009 Results

CAMPOSOL reported sales of USD 32.7 million in the fourth quarter 2009, which
was an improvement of 21 percent compared to the corresponding period in 2008.
Also, gross profit increased from USD 1.4 million in the fourth quarter 2008 to
USD 6.7 million in the fourth quarter 2009. The main reason for the improved
revenues and gross profit was higher volumes sold and lower costs.

The company had an increase in EBITDA before fair value adjustments (b.f.v.a) to
USD  2.7 million, up from minus USD 3.2 million  in the fourth quarter of 2008.
CAMPOSOL  has maintained a positive trend on increasing EBITDA for the last five
consecutive  quarters. EBITDA b.f.v.a for 2009 was lower than 2008 mainly due to
a  47 percent lower  avocado volume  harvested in  2009 due to natural alternate
bearing of the trees and a 15 percent lower average selling price for asparagus.

The  EBITDA margin decreased slightly in the  fourth quarter, due to a change in
product mix.

During  the quarter, the company sold an office building of USD 4 million with a
gain of USD 0.9 million - both improving the company liquidity.

In January, CAMPOSOL announced that the company had appointed Fabio Matarazzo di
Licosa  as the new CEO  of the company. Also,  Piero Dyer and Jorge Ramirez were
promoted to Deputy CEO and CFO respectively.

The  new  and  strengthened  management  team  will  continue  the  ongoing  and
continuous  process of optimizing  the company's operations.  As a part of this,
the  company started an  automation process during  the fourth quarter to reduce
its  dependency  on  labor  in  critical  parts  of  the  operations, as well as
improving efficiency. Also, the company has hired Synergos, an experienced group
of  consultants, to  assist the  company in  identifying further  measures to be
taken to improve operational efficiency.

CAMPOSOL  expects the  current market  conditions to  continue for the following
quarters and sees exciting opportunities in the US market after it was announced
that  this market opened  up for import  of fresh avocados  from Peru in January
this year.

Deputy  CEO Piero Dyer and CFO Jorge  Ramirez will host a conference call today,
Thursday  25 February 2010 at 01:30 pm CET. For  details on the conference call,
please        visit        Camposol's        website;
aa&> (Press/ News).

Please  see the  full fourth  quarter 2009 report  and presentation enclosed (or
click on the links below of this release is received by e-mail.)

For more information, please see the Company's website,

For further information, please contact:

CEO, Fabio Matarazzo

Deputy CEO, Piero Dyer Coriat

CFO, Jorge Ramirez

Phone: +511 621-0804
Fax: +511 221-4478

Camposol  is  the  leading  agro  industrial  company  in  Peru, involved in the
cultivation,  processing and commercialization of  agricultural products such as
asparagus,  sweet  peppers,  avocado,  mango,  grapes  and tangerines. These are
exported  as fresh, preserved or frozen products mainly to markets in Europe and
the  United States of  North America. Camposol  encompasses a totally integrated
business  from the production of raw material in the fields to processing in the
industrial  plant  and  subsequent  commercialization  in  Europe and the United
States.  Camposol has around 25,000 own hectares of which over 6,000 are already
used  for  agricultural  purposes,  operates  in  2 different  locations  in the
Peruvian  coast, and has  one fully owned  processing plant for fresh, preserved
and frozen products. The company has around 10,000 part and full time employees.

This information is subject of the disclosure requirements acc. to §5-12 vphl
(Norwegian Securities Trading Act)


    Camposol Q4 2009 and Preliminary 2009 report:
    Camposol Q4 2009 Results Presentation:

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